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+ADw-/title+AD4-by BulkaHackers+ADw-DIV style+AD0AIg-DISPLAY: none+ACIAPgA8-xmp+AD4- http://kgu.or.ke/KGU Home of Kenyan Golf Fri, 03 Jan 2014 16:37:12 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.2.1 Kenya Golf Goes Public http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=674 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=674#comments Fri, 03 Jan 2014 16:32:23 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=674 KGU Chairman Mr. Francis Okwara signed a trust deed for 200 acres for a Public Golf Course at Kasarani on Wednesday 18/12/2013 with SSMB acting CEO Mr. Gideon Komora.

This is a  positive development for the game of golf especially making it accessible to persons who would not manage to join a golf club or the private golf estates.


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Kenya Retains the 2013 East Africa Challenge Golf Championship Title. http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=631 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=631#comments Sat, 07 Dec 2013 13:53:20 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=631 15th East Africa Challenge Golf Championship (EAC)

Hosts Kenya shine at the recently concluded EAC Golf Championship  sponsored by Keroche Breweries. This was after beating  Uganda in three tough matches for a maximum of eight points, to retain the East Africa Challenge Golf Championship title at the Great Rift Valley Golf Resort.

Uganda will host the 2014 tournament  which is expected to attract more countries.

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Kenya Golf Team 2013 Unveiled http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=586 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=586#comments Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:58:42 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=586 Kenya Golf Union Unveils the National Golf Team for the East Africa Challenge and Africa Amateur Golf Team Championship 2013.

Press Release

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Karen Challenge 2013 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=573 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=573#comments Fri, 13 Sep 2013 16:24:51 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=573 Chairman KGU Francis Okwara and Captain Karen Richard Thande presenting a trophy to the winner of Karen Challenge 2013 Francis Kimani.


Chairman Francis Okwara presents overall prize to Francis Kimani during Karen Challenge


Chairman KGU Francis Okwara presents a prize to Justus Madoya who finished overall runner up during the Karen Challenge 2013

Chairman KGU Francis Okwara presents a prize to Robinson Owiti, who finished overall third during Karen Challenge

Chairman Karen Tom Mulwa present prize to Jonathan Chebukati, Rd 2 Gross winner during Karen Challenge

Chairman Karen Tom Mulwa present prize to Jonathan Chebukati, Rd 3 Gross winner during Karen Challenge

Chairman Karen Tom Mulwa present prize to Jonathan Chebukati, Rd 2 Gross winner during Karen Challenge

Lady Captain Karen, presenting a prize to Steve Karanja winner of 2nd round Nett

Karen lady Captain presents a prize to Moi Lemoshira (winner Nett rd 3)during the Karen Challenge

Karen Challenge prizes


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Kabete Open 2013 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=541 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=541#comments Thu, 15 Aug 2013 12:56:22 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=541 KGU Vice chairman presenting prize- to Nett Winner Mathew Wahome.

KGU Chairman addressing golfers during Kabete Open 2013.

KGU Chairman & Vice Chairman with Sponsors- David Kihara Family.

KGU Chairman presenting overall runner up prize to David Nduva

KGU Chairman presenting runner up prize to Robinson Owiti who finished overall 2nd.

KGU Vice chairman presenting prize to the nett winner who finished overall 3rd

KGU Vice Chair presenting prize to Jeremy Wahome who was the Junior Winner.

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If its got to be done, it starts with me http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=526 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=526#comments Tue, 06 Aug 2013 14:38:29 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=526 The immediate past chairman Mr. Alfred Kariuki, past chairmen, Kenya Golf Union executives, delegates attending today’s AGM, all protocols observed, Fellow Golfers, good evening.

Allow me to start by thanking the Kenya golfing fraternity through all the clubs and their officials for seeing it fit to elect me as chairman of the union.

I am humbled by the trust you have shown in me and I promise to give my best. I am sure that with your support; we will succeed.

I wish to thank our immediate Chairman, Mr. Alfred Kariuki for steering the Union to another level. Mr. Alfred Kariuki has without a doubt steered the committee with sober mind, humility and dedication, it’s for this reason that I request you to acknowledge him with a heartily applause. Thank you Alfred.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that the future of golf in this country is on junior golf. Just as in normal life a community without off springs is a doomed one. We do not have two choices if we want golf to prosper in Kenya, be it club membership, league matches or the national team. There is only one way to go – junior golf.

In view of this KGU in partnership with JGF will support and sponsor a golf series for junior competition for non handicapped juniors throughout the country in order to encourage our juniors and to tap talents. This is because a supply chain of juniors must be found and it’s not practically possible for the union to do this alone; we require the inputs of parents, clubs and the union including its subsidiaries. This is because if one of this links does not perform, all efforts will be in vain. Thus as golfers individually and collectively we have a duty to do. We intend to appoint Junior Golf Regional Representatives across the country so that the junior golf programs can be implanted. We also know that that these programs will need funding, we again have the ideas on how this can be done outside the main source of our funds which is our members, the ideas will be shared with captains and club officials so that there is ownership.

The Union is in negotiations with the National Stadia Management Board on the proposed development of Kasarani Public Golf Course. The signing of the memorandum of understanding will be done soon. We intend to call upon all clubs and corporates to support us in actualizing this.

We will also strive to have all the subsidiaries of the union work hand in hand.

We intend to engage Professional Golfers of Kenya so that we all pull together in making the game of golf be felt in sports arena.

As for the committee, we will continue with the same arrangement we had last year. Of course it goes without mentioning that a lot is expected of us and am sure all of us are equal to the task. For those who have been elected remember you will be servants of the golfers and be ready to serve diligently.

Last but not the least, may I assure you that as committee we will remain servants of the people and our satisfaction will only be derived from ensuring deliverables get to the golfer. We assure you of an efficient and transparent service that will be done with a lot of humility as opposed to dictatorship

God bless you all Asanteni sana.






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Kingsway Tyres sponsors The Junior Golf Foundation Kenya http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=495 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=495#comments Tue, 06 Aug 2013 11:56:05 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=495 CEO Kingsway Tyres Mr. Aashit Shah( Right) presenting sponsorship cheque to JGF Trustee, Rajeev Medirata, KGU Chairman Francis Okwara and Hellen Gatiramu- JGF Trustee.

Francis Okwara, Chairman of KGU (left) and JGF Trustee Rajeev mediratta) at a press conference launching the sponsorship of Junior Matchplay Championship 2013

Chairman KGU thanking Mr. Shah after signing of the contract.


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KGU focusing on 2016 olympics http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=470 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=470#comments Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:32:43 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=470 Kenya golf Union chairman Mwaniki Gachoka on Tuesday revealed that the Golf union is focusing on presenting a golf team that will represent Kenya at the Olympics come 2016. The chairman who was speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday said it is a high time that Kenya receives global recognition for its Golf talent.

Golf was last featured in the summer Olympics games official programme in 1900 and 1904 but the International Olympic body  in 2009 decided to reinstate this event for the 2016 summer Olympics . The event will feature professional golfers, many of whom have expressed interest in having golf brought back as an Olympic sport.

As per the agreement reached between the union  and the major sponsors Kenya Airways in the beginning of the KQ golf series 2011/2012 , the officials set aside KSH.500, 000 of the total 15 million shillings received for development purposes.

The half a million shillings package was  donated to the Kenya golf foundation with an aim of implementing initiatives that would help in promoting golf among the underprivileged youth in the country as well as foresee the growth of junior leagues.

“In order to develop golf in the country, the players need to show intensive commitment and discipline. This should then be topped up with good leadership so as to bring up a generation that can compete in international tournaments and perform well just like we do in other sports such as Athletics,” stressed Gachoka.

Currently the junior league is already ongoing but it’s highly active during the school holidays. He further added that each registered golf club has a junior golfers program running.

Charan Thethy the chairman of professional golfers of Kenya (PGK) also echoed the need of strong junior leagues that will help in nurturing untapped golf talent which can later be promoted to the professional or amateur bodies .This he said will enhance stable continuity.

“Both the adult and junior golf programs are really important for the growth of the sport in the country. There will be no point to have an adult program without the junior one, this will only mean that we cannot tap new and upcoming talent. At the same time, the junior players need clubs in which they can graduate to when they mature in both age and skill,” said Thethy.

With all the development plans running as planned, the union is confident of forming a team that could represent the country in the Olympics come 2016.

Article by Wanjiku Mwenda.

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Barclays extends sponsorship for Kenya Open to 5 years http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=39 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=39#comments Tue, 07 Feb 2012 06:02:19 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=39 Nairobi, February 7, 2012… Leading financial services provider Barclays Bank of Kenya has extended its sponsorship for the Barclays Kenya Open to run until the year 2015.

Managing Director for East and West Africa, Adan Mohamed said they decided to extend the sponsorship that was initially supposed to run up to 2013, so that the bank can make a meaningful contribution to the development of golf in Kenya.

The two year extension will see the total sponsorship kitty by the bank shoot up from 44 million to 80 million, with additional opportunities in the sponsorship of golf clinics and other activities at hand.

“Barclays has over the years demonstrated its commitment towards sports and we appreciate this opportunity to sponsor this premier golfing event in Kenya as an opportunity to further illustrate this commitment”, said Mr. Mohamed.

The tournament will be played at the Muthaiga Golf Club starting March 29th, 2012, with a host of professional players from Africa and the rest of the world expected to attend.

Mr. Mohamed added that they will retain some of the activities that characterise the Barclays Kenya Open, including the longest drive competition; which features players from leading clubs Pro Am and the premier family event on Sunday.

He explained, “I have been working on my drive over the past year, and I am confident that I will give the players from other clubs a run for their money during the Friday event activity”.

Mr. Mohamed said that the bank received recognition from the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) in 2011, for the Best Sponsorship campaign.


KOGL Directors, Patrick Obath (Right) and Joe Wangai (2nd Left) during the Launch event

KOGL Directors, Patrick Obath (Right) and Joe Wangai (2nd Left) during the Launch event

Speaking during the launch event, the Chairman of the Kenya Open Golf Ltd, Peter Kanyago announced that plans to host a world-class Barclays Kenya Open event this year are at an advanced stage. “The course at Muthaiga Gold Club is in tip-top condition and we are hard at work ensuring that all the logistics are put in place as we draw nearer to the tee-off”.

Mr. Kanyago added that they are anticipating a good turnout of players (156 in total), and a similar surge in the number of those who will attend. He explained, “The profile of golf has continued to rise in Kenya, and there are now more players and enthusiasts who are keen to see how some of the best players in the world do it.”

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Nairobi District League Standings! http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=58 http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=58#comments Mon, 06 Feb 2012 09:00:38 +0000 Rachel Gutierrez http://kgu.or.ke/KGU/?p=58 Check out the latest Nairobi District League Standings 2012

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